AGENTUR@hKDMDESIGN AGENCY for multimedia projects, graphic design & MEDIA RESEARCH

- Die Agentur - is a creative multimedia agency run by students and alumni of the hKDM Freiburg, currently working on a variety of design projects. Take a look at our portfolio here.

Alongside the GameLab Freiburg the agency is not just working on regular graphic design assignments but rather exploring new kinds of interactive media entertainment.

One of our most recent projects is a Fabbster 3D printer we are currently testing with. It offers amazing opportunities for students willing to take character design a step further.

While not just fabricating 3D characters, the agency service also includes the opportunity for external business partners having printed their own logos, machine parts etc.

Alongside technology and media research we are also working on commercial products from various disciplines such as web development, video producition and packaging design.

This allows the hKDM to get their students into contact with business partners, other agencies and the industry in general. More than 30 projects have been finished so far.