3D Visualization and Animation

We develop 3D designs, assets, and animations for industry, technology, research, education, and architecture.

3D visualizations are particularly suitable for complex projects, describing technical systems or processes. They have also become indispensable in the field of architecture.

Case Study: 3D Animation for Filter Testing

The following 3D animation for Vetter Pharma GmbH was created with the goal of showcasing the various filter tests and their importance in quality assurance. Using training materials and photos, individual filters were reconstructed in 3D and presented in the animation in a way that makes the testing procedures quickly and intuitively comprehensible. The resulting rendering is now being utilized in e-learnings and training sessions.

Case Study: Medical Device 3D Teaser

The following rendering was created as part of the medical device development for an international corporation. For future planning and product strategy, a 3D teaser was conceptualized to illustrate the long-term vision to the project team and bring stakeholders together.
[For confidentiality reasons, the project name was replaced in the video]

As part of the teaser presentation, a design concept for a hybrid packaging/loading tray was also showcased, along with various surface options presented through 3D turntable animations.

Case Study: Explaining 3D Printing

In collaboration with imc AG, a globally operating automotive corporation created a comprehensive e-learning module on the subject of 3D printing in the automotive industry. Within this context, various 3D printing processes were visually conceptualized and animated. Here is a selection of the created explainer videos:

Better Planning, Conceptualizing, and Teaching

Whether it’s interior planning of a building, explaining a technical system, or presenting a product: in 3D, your content comes to life and is presented vividly.

Our years of experience in this field are particularly utilized in supporting research projects of universities and research centers, as well as in the development of marketing strategies and architecture projects for medium-sized companies.

Especially when combined with animation, 3D environments can not only captivate your audience but also lead to more sustainable learning outcomes.

3D for Your Company?

Not every project is suited for a 3D implementation. Therefore, we provide non-binding consultations to each of our clients in an initial conversation, where we precisely discuss your project and your preferences, and determine whether we can offer you a suitable solution for it.