Explainer Videos and E-Learning Content

Explaining content in an understandable way is more important than ever. We produce explainer videos and e-learning content tailored to your target audience.

For creating our products, we utilize modern animation and authoring software such as After Effects and Articulate Storyline. Your target audience will receive an engaging learning experience that effectively communicates content and remains memorable.

Direct, simple, explained.

Many companies face the challenge of reaching their target audience or needing to explain their product initially. The solution is evident: animated explainer videos.

Videos are the most popular medium in social media nowadays. They capture attention and effectively convey messages in a concise and memorable way. Especially for corporate communication, they have become indispensable.

Does a picture say more than a thousand words? See for yourself:

Short videos are more important than ever today, as demonstrated by the success of TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Stories. For businesses, short videos provide an effective way to showcase their products and services on various platforms and reach their target audience.

That’s why we create custom short videos that are perfectly tailored to each platform.

As an advertisement for the newly released comic ‘Die Giganten’ by Carlsen Verlag, we have developed the following teaser. Experience for yourself why this comic is a must for all fans of graphic novels.

E-Learning and Web-based Training

In today’s world, remote work and digital training have become increasingly important aspects of modern work life. For over 10 years, we have been assisting companies of various sizes in overcoming these challenges by developing digital learning content that enables flexible and effective learning. With digital training, you can educate your employees regardless of location and boost productivity.

Our team creates web-based trainings, interactive web applications, and screencasts for e-learning agencies and companies. We draw on our extensive experience with authoring tools like Storyline, Content-Studio, and Captivate.

In doing so, we develop interactive learning modules, explainer videos, animations, and learning games for renowned manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industries.

We’re also here to support your team in conceptualizing, designing, and producing e-learning content. Our experts from various fields ensure that your learning content is engaging, memorable, and effectively delivered to your target audience.

Looking for innovative learning experiences?

Since our range of interactive learning content can vary greatly based on customer preferences, ranging from 3D animation to learning games or traditional PowerPoint slides, we would like to get to know you and your project in an initial non-binding conversation. In this discussion, we’ll talk about initial ideas and explore together to see if we can offer you a suitable solution.