Graphic Design for Scientific Research

Professional Infographics for Your Research Proposal or Scientific Research Project with High Success Rate.

Whether it’s an infographic, animation, interactive microsite, or presentation: high-quality design and graphic layouts significantly increase the chances of securing funding for your project.

Research Requires Creative Bridges

Often, potential funders for a project may not be from the same field of expertise, but they should be able to quickly and clearly grasp your proposal.

Especially when your research project is highly innovative and complex, it requires a communicative bridge to the recipient.

In this context, visual and understandable graphics that depict and explain the essence of the matter are recommended.

This is where we come in as communicative and graphic bridge builders:

Together, we analyze your project in a non-binding initial conversation.
We advise you on possible media formats that do justice to the subject matter.
Subsequently, we translate your topics into engaging and comprehensible graphics.
The result often includes infographics, covers, animations, or micro-websites that appeal to and reach both your target audience and potential funders.

Promising Perspectives

For over 10 years, we have been providing graphic design services and associated consultancy to various research institutes and universities across Germany. Looking back at the proposals we have had the privilege to contribute to, we are proud to report a funding success rate of over 90%.

Are you passionate about research? So are we!

Our passion lies in engaging with innovative research and exploring new domains. We would be delighted to assist you as well, utilizing our expertise to bring intriguing technologies to the forefront and present them in a way that maximizes the potential for support.

Feel free to reach out to us for an initial non-binding conversation, so that together we can devise a strategy for your endeavor and assess how we can provide you with the best possible assistance.